Technology partner of LOCTITE® TEROSON
in Shipbuilding and Ship Repair Industries on The North-West Region of Russia

Research & Production Company “Altech”

Established in 2004

Since 2007 R&PC “Altech” is the technological partner of LOCTITE® TEROSON in the field of shipbuilding and ship repair in the Northwest region of the Russian Federation.

    Priority directions of activity:
  • Introduction of innovative technologies of industrial anticorrosive protection of shipbuilding, ship repair, machine building and transport objects;
  • Introduction of modern “Henkel” technologies to the Russian Federation shipbuilding branch enterprises;
  • Development, manufacturing and supply of non-standard equipment for implementing production processes taking into account production specificity;
  • Testing materials and coatings of all types (including resource ones), with development of technological processes of their application;
  • Determination of long-term and cyclic durability of fastening and sealing units. R&PC “Altech” experts developed the “Experimental technique of determining durability of fastening and sealing units”;
  • Development and implementation of technological projects of sites and shops for application of all types of protective coatings;
  • Technological support of projects and staff training.
    Technical support
  • Depending on tasks in view our experts will help to choose the necessary materials and the optimal scheme of their application (beginning from design stage);
  • Development of the necessary production schedules and process instructions:
    • application of protective coatings,
    • adhesion, sealing,
    • repair and restoration of equipment;
  • Submittal of the necessary engineering specifications and certificates;
  • Training plants’ technicians and engineers;
  • Technical support of works being carried out taking into account specificity of plant’s equipment and production processes;
  • Information support for new “Henkel Technology” products

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