Technology partner of LOCTITE® TEROSON
in Shipbuilding and Ship Repair Industries on The North-West Region of Russia

Henkel technologies for shipbuilding

R&PC “Altech” is the technological partner of HENKEL LOCTITE® TEROSON in the field of shipbuilding and ship repair in the Northwest region of the Russian Federation.

Henkel is the world’s leading manufacturer of adhesives, sealants and surface treatment compounds. Henkel products and complex solutions find wide application in different areas of industry.


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Some Henkel divisions make products intended for shipbuilding. The list of such products includes adhesives, sealants and surface treatment compounds, intended for use both on military ships, and on civil vessels. They are also used on sports and cruiser boats and yachts. Henkel Corporation offers complex solutions to manufacturers of finished articles, equipment, mechanisms, components, hinged equipment and propelling screws.

LOCTITE® Products

Loctite® products allow reaching excellent results at performance of the most complex works, be it maintenance of large generators and turbines or adjustment of pumps and engines. These adhesives and sealants reliably fix threaded connections, bearings, bushings and other cylindrical parts subject to vibrations and shock loads. Besides, liquid sealants allow making of a gasket of any form very quickly. Instant adhesives are capable to connect parts made of various materials in few seconds, while structural adhesives allow sticking together parts made of different metals, including sheet steel.

Also, epoxy resins with metal filling, wear-resistant compounds, lubricants and products for fast repair are produced under Loctite ® trade mark.

Together with “Rushenk” LLC, R&PC “Altech” developed the following technological instructions based on scientific research works and experience of using adhesive, sealing and repair epoxy compounds produced by “Henkel-Loctite” in production conditions:

The instructions were approved by FSUE Central Research Institute of Structural Materials “PROMETEY” (CRISM “Prometey”), FSUE Central Research Institute of Shipbuilding Technology (CRIST), FSUE Russian Maritime Register of Shipping. Instructions are supervising materials for designers and technologists of scientific research, design, shipbuilding and ship repair enterprises at development of design, process documentation and during works execution.

TEROSON Products

Under Teroson trademark, hard and elastic adhesives, sealants, noise isolation and protective coatings on various bases are produced. It includes adhesives capable to stick together various materials, increasing general structural rigidity and making products reliable and safe.

In particular, Teroson products are used to create strong, elastic and tight adhesive joints.

Two-component polyurethane adhesives are used at manufacturing multilayered panels (bulkheads, superstructures, etc.).

Acoustic coatings, having all the necessary certificates, allow lowering the level of structural and other noises.

There are also compounds for sticking rubber floor coatings and panels and sealant for filling gaps when overlapping parts.

Adhesive sealants for gluing and sealing of glass.

Thus, using the possibilities of Teroson products, it is possible to get rid of most problems arising at stages of design, manufacture and operation of ships, boats, yachts etc.

Loctite ® and Teroson industrial adhesives and sealants, polymeric compounds and instant adhesives were approved by leading Russian and international standards for use at ship building, maintenance and repair:

  • The Russian Maritime Register of Shipping
  • The Russian River Register
  • Lloyds Register
  • ABS
  • Det Norske VERITAS.