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Protective polyurethane coatings

R&PC “Altech” offers manufacturing and delivery of polyurethane coatings based on prepolymers SKU-PFL-100, SKU-DF-2, SKU-FPD-4.

Polyurethane coatings are intended for the equipment protection against corrosion, hydro abrasive wear, water impact, atmospheric precipitation etc.


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Coatings may be used in machine building, shipbuilding and other industries for protection of structures of parts subject to abrasive wear and corrosion.

    For example, the offered coatings are used for protection of:
  • blades of axial superchargers of seaborne machinery
  • parts of pumps, ship screw propellers
  • separators in diamond-mining and minerals industry
  • shafts for pulp and paper industry
  • various metal and glass-fiber structures

The technology of applying polyurethane coatings based on prepolymers SKU-PFL-100, SKU-DF-2, SKU-FPD-4 includes surface preparation, adhesion layer application, application of 4 and more coating coats, quality assurance.

Coating is applied mechanically and manually.

In case of coating damage, operational repair of the defective part is possible.

Properties of PU coatings

Nominal tensile strength, MPa From 7 to 15
Percent elongation at breaking, % not less than 300
Coating adhesion at peeling, kN/m From 7 to 12
Coating film density, kg/m3 From 900 to 1200
Cured hardness, Shores A From 60 to 80

Abrasive resistance of PU coatings surpasses that of steel in 5-8 times.