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Impregnation complex KPA-1000

Impregnation complex KPA-1000 is designed for impregnating parts of various alloys, produced by casting or powder metallurgy in order to ensure their gas and water tightness.

The equipment was designed based on the vacuum impregnation technology using metacrylate-based resins, in particular, the impregnating material Resinol 88C by Loctite Company.


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Arrangement and Operation Principle

The complex consists of the following tanks, located in a circumferential direction in accordance with the production process: impregnation tank 1, feed tank 2, preliminary rinse tank 3 and final rinse tank 4, polymerization tank 5. There is also a loading/unloading platform. Movement of the part basket is ensured by a boom-mounted manipulator 6, installed in the centre of circle, which has 2 degrees of freedom (lifting –lowering, 360º rotation). The manipulator arm includes the centrifuge electric drive 8 and gripper fixture 9 of basket 7.

The complex has two operation modes:

  • Manual. For carrying out commissioning works, as well as performing step-by-step impregnation cycle at non-standard operation mode.
  • Automatic. It is the basic mode. In automatic mode, all operations related to basket movement, cover closing/opening, generation of dry and wet vacuum, impregnating material supply and drain are performed by the program installed in the control panel. Impregnation chamber operation mode may be changed by the operator depending on the technology adopted by the enterprise.

Composition and Specifications:

Impregnation chamber, capacity0.96 m³1 pc
Feed tank, capacityas per customer’s TA1 pc
Preliminary rinse tank, min capacity0.96 m³1 pc
Final rinse tank, min capacity0.96 m³1 pc
Thermostatted polymerization chamber, capacity0.96 m³ 1 pc
Manipulator, lifting capacity300 kg1 pc
Centrifuge rotary speed150-200 rpm 
Control panel 1 pc
Temperature regulator commutation voltage temperature maintenance within380 V 2ºС1 pc
Basket (with gasket set) 5 pcs
Vacuum pumpvacuum - 15 mm. hg.1 pc
Compressor (at customer’s demand) 1 pc
Transport trolley, lifting capacity300 kg2 pcs
Cage16 m  
One-time loading200 kg
Productive capacity800 kg/h 
Installed power in polymerization chamber18 kW 
(temperature drop in polymerization chamber 8 hours after switching off)25ºC max 
Area occupied by the plant16 m² 
Warranty service period1 year 
Delivery time10 months 

Stages and Approximate Production Time

StageStage contentsTime of performance
IDesign, work drawing development, automatics layouts3 months
II Manufacture of tanks, manipulator, component procurement 4.5 months
III Mounting works, manipulator follow-up, preliminary testing at executor’s site, transportation to customer’s site1.5 months
IVAcceptance works at customer’s site1 month
 TOTAL: 10 months

The work scope includes: design work, manufacture, primary and final acceptance tests of the complex, maintenance personnel training.